Shrimp And Pasta Recipes Made Easy -

Shrimp And Pasta Recipes Made Easy

shrimp and pasta recipe

Shrimp and pasta recipes have always been among the two most popular types of recipes that people like to try. The two ingredients combine perfectly to make a delicious and healthy meal. This is why these recipes are perfect to serve during special occasions, or whenever you have a big crowd at home. These recipes can also be served for a sumptuous meal anytime.

This shrimp and pasta recipe was created by the world famous Ms. Antonia Di Lorenzo. She came up with this recipe while she and her husband were looking for an easy and tasty pasta recipe to make for their family. They found that a shrimp recipe called Shrimp Capellini which was originally created in Italy had a big success. However, they were not content with just one recipe, and as a result they started a whole new recipe line for this appetizer. With their efforts, the Shrimp and Pasta recipe became one of the best selling ones in the Italian region.

Using Different Techniques

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The Shrimp and Pasta recipe was made even more delicious when they added some different techniques to it. Firstly, they used garlic, which is a very good herb to use if you are going to make this recipe for your first time. The garlic helps in breaking the shell of the shrimp, and at the same time, adds flavor to the dish. Once the garlic is added, they immediately turn to the other ingredient which is the Parmesan cheese.

After adding all these ingredients to the Shrimp and Pasta recipe, they used a little bit of extra virgin olive oil to cook the ingredients thoroughly. Once the mixture starts to simmer, they add some salt and pepper to it. When the mixture starts to steam, they cover the pot tightly, and then they allow the mixture to boil for about fifteen minutes. At that point, they open the lid, and then they start to enjoy their tasty soup. To enhance the deliciousness further, they throw some fresh basil on top and enjoy the amazing flavors.

Made Your Own Spaghetti Noodles

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Shrimp and Pasta recipe is an amazing combination which is sure to amaze you. It can be made to feed twenty minutes or so, depending on how you make your noodles. You can either make your noodles fresh and cook them the way you like it, or you can buy spaghetti noodles in the shops. Once you have made your own spaghetti noodles with the Shrimp and Pasta recipe, then you can add them to your favorite pasta sauce and make a wonderful and sumptuous dish.

The main ingredients of this dish are crushed garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes, medium dried red or green chilies along with two teaspoons of olive oil. Once all the ingredients are combined, and they are heated in a frying pan, they quickly get mixed together with some sauce, some salt and some pepper to make their chicken ala king. All these ingredients get coated in the oil and cooked until they become translucent. After that, the mixture gets baked in the oven at around sixty minutes. When the shrimp and pasta mixture is done, it should be cooked through and ready for serving.

In another twist on the Shrimp and Pasta recipes, you can also make use of angel hair pasta. If you have ever eaten pizza or an Indian meal which is full of pane pala, then you can certainly derive the same taste from these pasta recipes. Instead of using crushed garlic shrimp, you can make use of the finely chopped angel hair instead.

Final Words

Making a recipe with the Shrimp and Pasta recipe may sound like it would take quite some time, but it does not actually. All you need for making the Shrimp and Pasta recipe is a frying pan, a bottle of olive oil, and of course, a bottle of spaghetti sauce. You can either make your own super easy to follow pasta recipe using just tomatoes, onions and broccoli, or you can choose to add a different ingredient so that you are not dependent on just one main ingredient. There is a possibility that all you need for making this dish is already present in your kitchen.

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