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Quick and Easy Homemade Pasta Vegan Recipe For Delicious Snacking

Homemade Pasta Vegan

Homemade healthy vegan pasta is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to commonly available ready to make pasta available in the supermarket. Homemade pasta is free of harmful chemicals and preservatives and additional artificial flavorings that are generally found in regular supermarket pasta.

The Recipe To Make Homemade Pasta

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Here is the recipe for making vegan pasta without using eggs at all.


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The ingredients required to make the dish are simple plain flour, semolina flour, water, and salt according to taste.

How To Make

The first step of making the pasta is combining all the mentioned ingredients that are flour, semolina flour, water as required, and a pinch of salt according to taste in a large bowl. Then all the ingredients must be kneaded very well so that soft pasta dough is formed. It must be kept in mind that all the ingredients should be mixed consistently to ensure even taste and beautiful soft texture.

After the soft dough is formed, it is wrapped tightly and completely in foil paper and kept inside the fridge. The dough is allowed to chill for at least half an hour in the fridge.

Now that the dough is chilled, it is taken out of the fridge and kept aside for some time. Then the dough is rolled out evenly but loosely.

After that, the dough is cut into desirable shapes, after which the strips are unfurled. Then the pasta is made.

Spinach Pasta Making

For making spinach pasta, water is used less, instead of which some pureed spinach is added to the dough to get the taste of spinach. Other vegetables such as potatoes, beet, carrots, etc. can also be used for it.

Vegan pasta can be served with a wide range of sauces and pesto or can also be served with stirred fried vegetables according to one’s wish.

This pasta can also be cooked using mushroom and spinach or any other vegetables such as tomato, potato, zucchini, pumpkin, beetroot, radish, etc. After the pasta is already prepared from the dough using the method that has already been mentioned above, we need to boil the pasta in slightly salted water for some time. Then we need to take another frying pan separately and put some olive oil in it and let it heat for some time.

After that, we need to put in some pine nuts, some finely chopped garlic cloves, onions, and mushrooms and sauté them nicely until they are golden brown. Then we need to add a tablespoon of soya sauce, some fresh cream or vegetable broth as per convenience to already sautéed ingredients and mix them thoroughly.

After that, spinach is added to these ingredients as well as salt and pepper according to taste; one can also use a tinge of lemon juice if one likes to add some citrus flavor to their pasta. Instead of spinach, any other vegetables can also be used as per wish. In the end, we need to add already boiled pasta, which was kept aside earlier by draining the water first and then adding the pasta to the pan.

Then vegan parmesan is added to the ingredients, followed by another round of seasoning to ensure that all flavors are balanced. Finally, all these are cooked together for 1-2 minutes, and then finally, pasta is ready to be served and enjoyed as a tasty and healthy alternative to snacking.


The entire process of cooking the pasta should not take more than 15 to 20 minutes and is thus very convenient.

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