Italian Pasta Side Dishes You Should Taste This Season - From The Traditional Cuisine -

Italian Pasta Side Dishes You Should Taste This Season – From The Traditional Cuisine

italian pasta side dishes

Pasta is a crowd favorite and people love it for its complete and variety of nature. You can eat pasta at any time during your lunch or dinner. But, for a full-time meal to add some extras won’t do any harm. It just adds versatility to the dinner table. Italian pasta side dishes are popular because of these reasons as they are fuller or light depending on the liking of the people. The side dishes that go well with Italian pasta can be classified into the following categories-

Italian Pasta Side Dishes

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Some people prefer eating healthy, so salad sides are the best option for them to go alongside Italian pasta. Salads can be both warm and cold. They both serve as a sidekick to your delicious pasta on the table. Some of the warm salad ideas you might try with your Italian pasta are roasted cauliflower salad with chickpeas, feta, and other added herbs; easy roasted vegetable salad where you can pick the vegetables as per your preference; grilled zucchini salad is the best option as it is both nutritious and goes well with pasta; roasted eggplant salad with smoked almonds and goat cheese adds a bit fancy to the side dish, and; many other ingredients can be mixed and matched for salads to become more exotic and likable alongside pasta.

Warm salads are more preferred because of the food preference as people like their pasta to be hot while it’s served, so warm salad is their choice of sides. Cold salads are crunchy and crisp and add an extra bite to your meal. The several options of cold salads that you might try are new spring mix salad where you can add the fresh vegetables that are available from the season; tomato salad goes well with pasta; classic Caesar salad is the all-time people’s favorite; cucumber salad and several other fresh vegetable salads can be preferred by the people.

Italian Pasta Side Dishes – Bread Sides

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Bread is the most served side alongside pasta. You can serve a simple toast or make different kinds of bread like garlic bread, cheese garlic bread, and add several herbs to make it more vibrant.

Other Sides

Other side dishes are potato sides where you can bake the potatoes by adding cheese and other herbs, meatball sides are also preferred by some, and various other options that you might create by mixing and matching these ingredients.

You can always decide the dishes according to the main dish do you are preparing and the one thing you have to keep in mind is that the side dish should blend well with the main dish and should not overpower it or give a different taste.

Side dishes add fancy to the dining table and thus Italian pasta is widely preferred along with side dishes to create a better and fuller cuisine. The pasta itself is a wholesome food, but side dishes make a weeknight dinner a thousand times better. It also generates variety on the dinner table.

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