Instant Pot Pasta Recipe Everyone Should Learn - Instant Pot Pasta Recipe Everyone Should Learn -

Instant Pot Pasta Recipe Everyone Should Learn

Instant Pot Pasta Recipe

Almost every one of us drool when we hear about pasta in the making. But most of us also think that making creamy pasta is going to be a hassle. But did you know that the instant pot pasta recipe is going to make it easier for you? You do not have to look back on this recipe, and making dinner will be more comfortable than before. You can even make it in the festive season and share it with your friends and family. It is easy, affordable as well as tasty- and you can even add the meat of your own choice. For your convenience, this recipe is going to have added chicken shreds. Why wait when you can start right away?

Ingredients You Will Need-Instant Pot Pasta Recipe

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If you want to make instant pot chicken pasta, you have to get 1 pound of chicken breast, which will be boneless, and a box of penne pasta or any other of your choice. Besides, you will need chicken stock and Roma tomatoes as well as red onion. Then you will need one cup of mushroom and two cloves of garlic along with Italian seasonings, mozzarella cheese, and fat-free cream cheese.

Directions To Follow For Instant Pot Pasta

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First, you will have to add all the ingredients to the instant pot but make sure that you do not add the cheese. Now you have to put 2 cups of water on it and place the lid on it. Then you have to set the heat to high pressure and put it on for 9 minutes. Then the pressure release has to go on for about 5 minutes. Once that is done, you have to mix in the cheese to bring out the creaminess. The additional Parmesan and parsley will bring out the flavor even more, and the final output will be excellent.

The Stove Top Method-Instant Pot Pasta Recipe

If you do not have an instant pot and you want to make it in the same manner, then you can even use the stovetop. You have to cook the pasta on the stovetop and cook according to the package directions. Then you have to cook the chicken as well as the vegetables and combine it with cheese. The creamy chicken pasta is very kid-friendly, and you can make these for their lunchbox as well. Now you can have an easy family meal, and it is easy to divide with family. .It is also an excellent recipe for weight watchers, and you can add it to the keto diet.

There are specific tips to take care of when you are creating an instant pot pasta recipe. The time frame is essential because if you heat it over the top, the pasta and veggies might melt. The outcome is going to be unique, and you can learn it quickly.

The seasoning can be of your choice, and your friends and family will love it.


There is no doubt that instant pot pasta is easier to make than the conventional method. You can try the pot and the stovetop method, and it will turn out to be unique.

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