Importance of breakfast in daily life

Importance of Breakfast

The importance of breakfast in daily life has never been doubted, yet it is one of the most neglected meals eaten by people. A lot of research work done around the world proves that skipping breakfast can cause serious health hazards.

Breakfast is not merely a meal but rather an absolute unmissable necessity for everyone throughout their lives, especially students and working individuals. It is a fact that breakfast skippers are at high risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and other health problems.

A healthy breakfast provides the energy and nutrients needed to function well throughout the day. It kick-starts your metabolism, reduces cravings for unhealthy snacks, and keeps you alert and focused in class or at work.

Apart from the health benefits, a nutritious breakfast can also help you maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain their weight than those who skip this meal. So, if you are trying to lose weight, make sure you include a healthy breakfast in your daily routine.


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Breakfast is called as such because of the break it provides from an overnight fast. It is the first meal we eat in a day and it gets your metabolism going and your body’s machinery stirred up to start processing food. Breakfast replenishes glycogen stores after fasting during sleep, ensuring you have energy for the day ahead. The first meal of the day should be something light so that your stomach isn’t overloaded and you can easily get digesting.

A lot of people believe that they should eat a big breakfast because they think it will help them lose weight, but that’s not the case. Eating a lot in the morning can cause you to store more fat because you’ll be hungry again sooner and will likely overeat at lunch. It’s best to eat a moderate breakfast that will give you sustained energy throughout the day rather than something that will make you feel tired and sluggish.


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1) Oatmeal with added protein and fruit.

Oatmeal is a filling and healthy breakfast option that will give you sustained energy throughout the morning. Add some protein, like nuts or seeds, and fresh or frozen fruit to your oatmeal for added flavor and nutrition.

2) Yogurt with fruit and granola.

Yogurt is another great breakfast food because it’s high in protein and calcium. Add some fresh or frozen fruit and a handful of granola to your yogurt for a quick and easy breakfast.

3) Toast with peanut butter or avocado.

Toast is a simple but filling breakfast option. Spread peanut butter or avocado on your toast for some healthy fats and protein.

4) Smoothie made with yogurt, fruit, and protein powder.

Another easy breakfast option is a smoothie made with yogurt, frozen or fresh fruit, and protein powder. Make sure the protein powder you buy is low in sugar so that your drink doesn’t have too much-added sugar.

5) Fresh fruit and cheese plate.

A fresh fruit and cheese platter can be a great breakfast option because it’s a light meal that doesn’t sit too heavily in your stomach.

6) Eggs and whole-wheat toast.

Somewhat of a classic, eggs and toast are a great breakfast option. Try making the toast yourself with some whole-wheat bread or even better, try out quinoa bread which is more nutritious than wheat bread. Add some avocado to your eggs or toast for healthy fats and protein.

7) Green smoothie made with fruit, almond milk, and spinach.

If you are not a fan of chewing in the morning, try having a drinkable breakfast like this green smoothie. Some of the ingredients will likely be new to you so if you’re not used to green smoothies, start with just a small amount of spinach and work your way up.

8) Quinoa breakfast bowl made with fruit, nuts, and seeds.

A quinoa breakfast bowl is similar to oatmeal but with a different grain. Add some chopped fresh fruit, nuts, and seeds to your quinoa for added flavor.

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