How to Make Homemade Pasta Noodles -

How to Make Homemade Pasta Noodles

homemade pasta noodles

Pasta noodles are a kind of food in which wheat germ is combined with water and made into thin sheets, or rather thinner, and then cooked in a boiling or baking pan, or served on top of the plate. This dish is known to many people as spaghetti, and this is where the term pasta comes from. But the way it is cooked is slightly different, and what is meant by pasta is not that of all types of noodles, but of the thin and chewy variety of noodles. These noodles are used for different dishes, and this is the reason why they get the name pasta.

Making homemade pasta noodles is not difficult at all, even if you are not much of a cook. You can make them as you like, and they will taste absolutely great too. However, to get the best and most delicious one, you need to prepare them a little bit right. The most important things that you need to keep in mind while preparing these noodles are the following:

Prepare The Pasta Sauce

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First of all, when you are preparing homemade pasta sauce, do not forget to add the necessary ingredients. These ingredients will be the meat, stock or juice from the tomatoes, basil, garlic and other seasonings that you have chosen for your recipe. Besides that, the dry pasta that you have collected from your kitchen, is also going to need some water to make it swollen and soft. You can add a little bit of extra pasta water in order to make sure that your homemade pasta noodles get the right amount of water.

For this recipe, I prefer to use tomato sauce. I think this kind is easier to prepare, and also helps adding flavor to your homemade pasta noodles. If you want to make homemade pasta noodles with cream sauce, you can try using reduced-fat milk instead of whole milk. This kind of milk will be healthier and add more flavor to your homemade dishes, which I really like. Just make sure you replace the milk with the reduced-fat milk.

Get Started With The Pasta Dough

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Now that we have all of these ready, it is time to start preparing the homemade pasta dough. You can either do this by hand, or with a pasta dough roller. I prefer doing it by hand, simply because I don’t have a rolling machine yet. But if you don’t have any rolling equipment, you can always use a plastic bag. Get a large plastic bag, and put the dough in it. Then roll it with your fingers in the desired shape and cut it into the plastic bag.

Now, just take your pasta dough and cut it into the pasta pieces. Do not forget to flatten them with the rollers before sealing them back up into the plastic bags. You can now flatten each piece by pressing it against the container’s lid. And then flatten another piece by gently pressing it against the next piece that you have flattened with the rollers. Continue doing this until you have used up all of the dough. And then cut it all down the center so that there are spaghetti noodles.

Now Cook And Serve

Now it is time to cook the pasta, which might take some time. However, it is important to keep the pasta dough from sticking together. So make sure you mix the dry ingredients thoroughly, but do not combine them too much. When you combine the dry ingredients, make sure you mix them just enough so that they are completely blended. Then fold in the wet mixture and then do the final two fold and seal the pasta dough into a plastic bag.

Once you have made your homemade pasta, let it rise for about five to ten minutes. Remove the plastic bag and let the pasta cook on a clean surface. When it is fully cooked, let it rest for about fifteen minutes before serving. If your homemade noodles are relatively dry, you can serve them immediately; however, if they are relatively wet, you will need to let them rest until they are completely dry.

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