How To Cook Your Rasta Pasta Recipe - How To Cook Your Rasta Pasta Recipe -

How To Cook Your Rasta Pasta Recipe

Rasta Pasta Recipe

Rasta pasta may be a colorful and flavorful pasta dish made with a creamy sauce with Caribbean seasonings. What sets rasta pasta aside from other pasta dishes is that the jerk seasoning blend won’t flavor the creamy sauce. It’s a standard Jamaican blend of seasonings that adds such a lot of sweet, spicy, and delicious flavor!

Rasta Pasta Recipe And Types

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The classic rasta pasta noodle is basically a penne pasta. However, other varieties will work as well! Try necktie, rigatoni, rotini, or maybe fettuccine! Use two (8 ounces) boneless and skinless chicken breasts seasoned with the jerk seasoning, then bake! Be happy to use chicken thigh or even shrimp if preferred! The homemade jerk seasoning is what makes this recipe worth eating! Onion Powder, Dried Thyme, Ground Allspice, and Cayenne Pepper – It makes the jerk seasoning blend and is a sweet and spicy mixture that originated in Jamaica.

Penne Pasta

The right shape for the sauce to hold close. It is also similarly sized to the sliced chicken and veggies, which makes for the right mouthful! Use another tube of pasta, if preferred.

Chicken Breast

You can use boneless and skinless, but be happy to use chicken thighs if that’s what you’ve got available at your place. You can also use Red Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper, and Onion – the delicious veggie blend that adds a lot of freshness, sweetness, nutrients, and color to the dish.

Garlic – gives that nutty flavor.

Parmesan Cheese: It helps to thicken the sauce and provides that melty, cheesy texture.

Cilantro and scallion – It is optional, you can apply it for garnishing`. This recipe is prepared to travel in under an hour and maybe a meal in and of itself: carbs, veggies, and protein! Whisk all spices together in a little bowl, then forget. Put chicken breasts on a baking paper bordered with silicone paper. Dip each breast in butter, then rub them with half the seasoning blend on every side. Bake for 15-20 minutes approx or until cooked through. Melt additional butter during a sauté pan, add bell peppers and onion, then cook until it’s a bit tender.


The exciting part is you may store any leftovers in an airtight container within the fridge for 3-4 days or within the freezer for 2-3 months. To reheat, thaw within the fridge if frozen, then heat either within the microwave or on the stovetop. Many rasta pasta dishes use shrimp rather than chicken, which is additionally super delicious! Or make it vegetarian by using tofu. Try necktie, rigatoni, rotini; you name it. Put the half-and-half with full-fat coconut milk and skip the cheese. Swap the half-and-half for coconut milk and skip the chicken and cheese. Be happy to use a vegan parmesan cheese if desired!

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