How To Cook Italian Seafood Pasta

italian seafood pasta

Tomato is considered as the hero ingredient in every Italian seafood recipe. It not only gives fresh taste to the seafood, but also brings out the nutty and creamy flavor of the pasta dish. So, I always use it whenever I make my pasta. But when making your own homemade pizza dough, do not forget to add this important star ingredient.

An Overview

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For my homemade pizza dough, I always start with whole wheat flour. Then, I take a medium sized ball of yeast and coat it with olive oil and then let it rise until it becomes firm. In order to make a fluffier texture for your homemade pizza dough, you can add one tablespoon of margarine to the mixture. Let it rest for about twenty minutes so that all the ingredients needed for your Italian seafood pasta recipe are ready. After it is enough rest, you can now form the dough into one-inch thick disks and place it in a non-stick tray.

The next step is to cook your recipe for pasta separately. Till you get the desired cooking time, then you can already add your tomatoes and scallop to your mix. In order to have a more even cooking process, you can also add your tomatoes to the mix at the same time that you spread the sauce on your pizza.

If your recipe for Italian seafood pasta has already prepared the seafood, it is now time to prepare the other ingredients needed for cooking. This dish calls for some fresh parsley, so you might as well throw some on top of your baked mix. Then, you can put your clammy milk on top of your mixture. Another important ingredient you need to incorporate in your pasta dish is basil. Make sure that you chop it finely or you will find that it cooks down and becomes hardly noticeable.

Making Process With Ingredients

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After all the ingredients were blended well, just mix it all together and then let it rest for about five minutes so that all the ingredients and flavors are well blended. Now, it is ready to bake it. Since this fish is cooked by the water, you will need to use medium heat so that the seafood can be fully cooked without burning. Bring your oven to the appropriate temperature and preheat it before you start baking your pasta.

Another important ingredient you need for cooking your seafood pasta is the shellfish. If you don’t have any, then just look for mussels that are fresh. When it comes to cooking the shellfish, you can either just throw them in the pot with the mix and let it simmer on all sides, or you can steam it. If you’re going to steam it, make sure that you cut it into small pieces. You can also use a food chopper to make the chunks lighter and easier to eat.

Final Tip

When it comes to cooking your Italian seafood pasta, the key is to let it rest for at least ten minutes. This will allow the pasta to come up to the right temperature and seal in the flavors. This is why it is best served warm. Although the traditional recipe calls for spaghetti, there are other ways of preparing it that are more appealing to your taste buds.


As mentioned earlier, another important ingredient for making your Italian pizza sauce seafood pasta recipe complete is pasta. With the different types of pasta available, it is important that you find one that suits your recipe. With the countless options available, it should not be too difficult to find a pasta that you and your family will love.

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