Farfalle Or The Bow Tie Pasta

How to Cook Farfalle Or The Bow Tie Pasta

Farfalle is a type of pasta that gets its name an Italian word used for describing a butterfly. There are good reasons for this name. This type of pasts comes in a shape that resembles the wings of a butterfly or a small bow tie. This is the reason why it is also called the bow tie noodle. While it looks impressive, it can easily be made by hand. The only things that you require are a knife and a rolling pin for creating the bow tie shape. Preparing this type of pasta could not be more convenient either- simply boil them for some time and toss them with sauce and there you are, all-prepared to devour a delicious and simple meal.

How to Cook Farfalle Or The Bow Tie Pasta
How to Cook Farfalle Or The Bow Tie Pasta

The Process To Cook Bow Tie Pasta

When you are in the lookout of attractive noodles for preparing your Italian dish with, make the choice of bow tie pasta. This butterfly-shaped, whimsical pasta features pretty zig-zag edges and pinched centers. You can get them in specialty or plain flavors like tomato and spinach. Hence, it is necessary for you to choose the variety that best suits the requirements of your recipe. Extra care should be taken not to overcook the noodles or it will become very soft. Bow tie pasta can be used in hot and cold pasta salads. It can even be mixed with cream or marinara sauces.

Things You Will Require

  • Sea salt- 1 tablespoon per pound of pasta
  • 5-quart pot
  • Colander
  • Spoon with long handles


•    Fill the ¾th part of the 5-quart pot with water when you are preparing a pound of pasta. You also have the option of using 1-quart water per 4 ounces of the bow tie. Make use of filtered water as this will give you the right results.

•    Boil the water on high heat and add one tablespoon sea salt every pound of noodles to the water.

•    Now add the pasta into this salted water and keep stirring to prevent the pasta from sticking to the container.

•    Cook it for eight to twelve minutes while stirring on a frequent basis. Examine the noodles at eight minutes to see whether it is slightly firm or tender.

•    Once you are satisfied with the texture, drain the bow tie in a serving bowl and add sauce to it.  However, if you want to make pasta salad then you would have to wait for the pasta to cool.

How to Cook Farfalle Or The Bow Tie Pasta
How to Cook Farfalle Or The Bow Tie Pasta

Is Farfalle Healthy?

Yes, any kind of pasta is a good and healthy option. However, you have to opt for the nutritive variants to make it. So, the answer to the question that whether pasta is healthy or not completely depends on the way it is cooked and served. Pasta of any kind is rich in its content of proteins and carbohydrates. These are nutrients that fuel up the human body by offering energy. Perhaps, one plate of cooked spaghetti or noodles offers 200 calories, 1 gram fat and 40 grams of carbohydrates and yes no cholesterol! Meals containing pasta are in no ways guilty pleasures!

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