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Homemade Spinach Pasta- Recipe To Follow

Homemade Spinach Pasta

Spinach is indeed something beautiful, and it creates a fantastic color when you mix it with any dish. Especially when it is about pasta, the dish can turn to be beautiful. Here is the recipe with which you can make homemade spinach pasta, which will be quite a tricky blend. Make sure that you do not share this with anyone, and instead, you can surprise all your guests with this fantastic food. The total preparation time is about 45 minutes, and the total time you will need is 1 hour 14 minutes. So how can you start?

Ingredients You Will Need

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You will need to make the pasta with numerous ingredients, and the major one is spinach and all-purpose flour. You also have to add two eggs and some virgin olive oil as well. Gather some kosher salt and some other herbs for the seasoning process.

Directions To Follow-Homemade Spinach Pasta

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At first, you have to prepare the water and put some ice into it. The bowl should have cold water, and then you have to heat the skillet at medium heat. Once the water is heated, you have to add the spinach and let it simmer. When the spinach turns green (which will turn after 30 minutes), then you have to put the spinach in cold water, preferably an ice bath. Squeeze the spinach so that you can drain all the extra water and use a cheesecloth to do it.

Next, you have to collaborate the ingredients like olive oil, eggs, salt, and the spinach in a blender and make sure that it is mixed until smooth. The concoction should not stick to the blades, and make sure that you keep on adding the flour as per preference. Once the dough is ideally ready, you have to wrap it up in a ball and let it rest at room temperature for 20 minutes. Then you have to unwrap the dough and transfer it onto a smooth surface. Cut the dough into four different pieces and roll them evenly.

The Next Process-Homemade Spinach Pasta

When you have a dust pasta roller, you can make use of the flour. The rectangles should roll through the pasta maker and reduce the dough to the required thickness. If you have a proper pasta maker, you have to change the settings in a preferable manner. Boil some water and out the pasta into it. Put the pasta into the water gently, and then you have to wait till all the pasta is boiled. The pasta should be firm, but the softness should not go away. The cooking should be for a maximum time of 6 minutes, and then you have to drain it into a bowl.

Tips To Remember

If you do not want to use spinach, you have to use less flour and your own choice of ingredients. The maker should be on the broader setting so that the dough is ready enough.


It is easy to make homemade spinach pasta, and you can have it for family dinner in the festive season as well. So why wait anymore?

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