Easy Pasta Salad Recipes

easy pasta salad

Easy Pasta Salad is so easy to make that even kids can make it. It is made with just pasta, oil, and non-fat milk. By simply adding some nuts, chicken, or vegetables, this easy Italian recipe will become an instant hit. Making this kind of dish is not complicated.

Begin by preparing the necessary ingredients. Cook the pasta according to package directions as well as drain and rinse the pasta. In a large mixing bowl, combine the soup dressing, garlic, oil, tomatoes, chopped herbs (mary, dill, pepper, cilantro), black olives, and bell peppers. Stir to combine. Add some sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Easy Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad

You can create your own easy pasta salad recipes by simply modifying them to your personal tastes and dietary restrictions. The salad dressing recipe that I used above can be easily adjusted to serve more people with more health-conscious dishes. In addition to adjusting the recipe, you can also choose to go with different types of seasonings for your serving. A popular choice in many Italian dishes, tuna, rosemary, and basil are excellent choices for the salad dressing.

If the taste of your homemade recipe is not quite there yet, then you can try tweaking it. Some people like to use chopped zucchini instead of bell peppers. Adding chopped tomatoes and mushrooms to the mix can give a nice flavor. Cherry tomatoes are another great option that works really well with this recipe as well as onions. When tossing with other ingredients, such as chicken, add a little bit at a time to get that smoky, herb taste to the mix.

Another easy pasta salad recipe to try out is the tri-color rotini. This delicious side dish comes from Italy and is easy to make. Simply dice up your Italian dressing mix (made with olive oil, vinegar, garlic, and oregano) into small pieces. Spread your mix on a tortilla and along the bottom and fold over to seal the sandwich.

A Much Ado 

Pasta Salad

For this delicious easy pasta salad recipe, prepare the needed ingredients and place them in a food processor. When the ingredients are blended, take the mixture and add it to your favorite sandwich. Top with sliced tomato and you have a delectable healthy alternative to fries and hamburgers. If you want to add a little bit more flavor, why not try using chopped prosciutto on top. The sweetness of the prosciutto will make any green salad taste better and will keep your veggies fresh longer.

You can make the easy pasta salad recipe even tastier by combining it with some fresh mozzarella. You can grate some of the cheese over your sliced tomatoes and spread it all over. Spread some of your homemade vinaigrette over top and you have a tasty, fresh, and easy pasta salad that everyone will love. You can use your imagination when it comes to dressing the sandwich. Try using some sliced fresh mozzarella on top of a chopped piece of Swiss or Gouda cheese and drizzle it with a little bit of oil. It is a great way to use up the last of the cheese in your fridge!

Bottom Line 

Making easy pasta salads is a snap. These recipes are easy to execute and only take a few minutes to create. Using these easy pasta salads can really kick your meal up a notch and let you feel great about helping your family reach their healthy diet goals. No matter what flavor or type of salad you are looking for, you can find an easy pasta salad recipe that will have everyone eating it in no time.

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