5 Types of Linguini Dishes You Must Know About


Linguini is a type of pasta that is very thin, long, narrow, and usually comes in the form of tubes. Linguini can be made out of flour which includes eggs or eggless depending on what you want it to taste like. Linguini first became popular in Italy where they make the best Linguini Recipes. Linguini is a very versatile pasta and can be paired with almost any type of sauce you want, which makes Linguini such a popular choice amongst everyone as well as its diverse flavors that also adds to Linguini’s popularity. All linguinis are long but sometimes they come in short lengths as well. Linguinis come packaged in boxes and I recommend buying Linguinis from different sources because if one store doesn’t have Linguinis you may find another one right around the corner so there is no harm in shopping for Linguinis or any other kind of pasta around your neighborhood.

Linguine comes from southern Italy and the word linguine means “little tongues” in Italian. Linguine is very long and thin like spaghetti but linguini isn’t as thick as spaghetti. Linguine can be made with egg or eggless depending on what you want it to taste like, the way Linguini itself comes in different forms such as short lengths or long lengths when packaged and basically Linguine is just a fancy name for Linguini without the “I” at the end. Linguinis and Linguines are both Italian terms to differentiate between Linguine and Linguine pasta that mean essentially the same thing which is linguini pasta.

Listed below are my Top 5 Linguini Recipes You Should Try:

1) Carbonara Recipe

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This recipe includes eggs so if you are vegan Linguini Recipes may not be for you. Linguini may be long but Linguini is still pasta with carbs so Linguinis isn’t the best choice if you are on a low carb Linguini Recipes diet. Linguinis are high in carbohydrates so Linguini is something you should eat in moderation if this applies to you.

2) Linguine Alfredo

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Linguines and Linguini alfredo are both great Linguini Recipes to try out. Linguini alfredo is Linguine pasta with Linguine sauce, which includes Linguine, oil, cheese, salt, ground black pepper, minced garlic cloves, fresh parsley, and parmesan.

3) Linguine Con Vongole

Linguine con vongole is a very traditional Italian recipe that tastes amazing with Linguinis or Linguine pasta.

4) Creamy Bacon Basil Recipe

This creamy bacon basil recipe will amaze anyone who tries it out so I highly recommend trying this one out if you have never had a creamy Linguini before, but if you are vegan then look at some more Linguini Recipes below on my list.

5) Shrimp Scampi Recipe

Shrimp scampi Linguini is a very light Linguini Recipe that can be paired with any kind of sauce you want. Linguine Recipes are very popular in the United States and Linguinis are also very popular in the United States as well, Linguine alfredo or Linguine con vongole both sound amazing to me so I hope that at least one of these Linguini Recipes work out for you!

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