4 Reasons We Love Italian Food

4 Reasons I Love Italian Food

Is there anybody who is not fond of Italian food? The answer is simply no. Nowadays, conventional Italian ingredients have conveniently become conventional American ingredients, as well.

You should actually think about this: Have you come across any individual who does not like food from Italy? I bet you have not. Have you ever wondered why Italian cuisine has this exclusive universal appeal? I think you know the reason. OK, there is no other cuisine in the world that is as widespread and as popular as Italian. While it definitely lacks the finesses of French food, its simplicity works as an attraction. I am not quite sure if I will be successful in justifying my love for Italian recipes in just a few reasons, but here you go:

4 Reasons I Love Italian Food

The Cuisine Celebrates Nightshades

There is no other region in the world that makes use of a wide variety of vegetables in their cooking as is used in dishes from Italy. All over Italy, you will find different ways in which they work out vegetables into their food preparations. So much so that chili and capsicum have become synonymous with the south, tomatoes with the entire country and eggplant with caponata from Sicily. All thanks to Italy’s ever-present red sauce.

There Is Not Just One Italian Preparation

Every town, every region and every home in Italy speaks of its very own distinctive cuisine and style of preparation. In Emilia-Romagna, you will come across stuffed pasta and hard cheeses. Tuscany is popular for rustic and simple peasant fare. Polenta, butter, and rice come from North Italy while the south will get you face-to-face with olive oil only and no butter. There are some regions that are seafood-centric while there are others are use tomatoes in bulk. You will find a whole world of dishes on the boot and this means there is something for every taste and preference.

For The Love Of Embracing Carbs And Pasta

Pasta is a conventional Italian preparation that made its presence felt long before problems like diabetes and obesity came to the surface. It is consumed on a regular basis throughout Italy. However, there are some tips on keeping it healthy as food. First, take care of the portion you are eating and ensure that the sauce is healthy. For Italians, the quality of the dish is more important than its quantity and they generally prefer it with olive oil, fresh seasonal vegetables, garlic or tomato-based sauce. Even you can try these variations. I try them very often to satiate my pasta cravings! There is no need for you to worry about carbohydrates. Do what the Italians do.

4 Reasons I Love Italian Food

Easy To Prepare

Almost every culture throughout the world features noodles of some kind; there is hardly any culture that incorporates it into its cuisine as the Italians do. Not only pasta but any kind of Italian cuisine is easy to cook. Hence, it is my favorite cuisine with an impressive end result.

At the end of everything, it is all about one thing and that is simplicity. Italian food is simple and thus it is liked across the world.

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