3 Best Foods in Tokyo You Need to Eat

foods in tokyo

Tokyo food is not just about sushi. There are many other food items that you should try while in the city. Below are three food items that you must eat when visiting Tokyo, Japan.

1) Ramen

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Ramen is a food that originated in China and was introduced to Japan by Chinese immigrants. The dish, which consists of noodles served in meat or fish-based broth, quickly became popular with the locals. Over time, ramen developed into many regional varieties across East Asia.

Ramen can vary significantly from region to region; however there are some basic characteristics that define ramen regardless of its origin. Ramen typically includes noodles (usually wheat), a broth (either chicken or pork based), toppings such as sliced pork char siu, green onions, nori seaweed sheets, menma bamboo shoots and boiled eggs; and occasionally other ingredients like corn kernels or soybeans. It is often topped with kelp powder for color contrast.

Ramen can be found everywhere in Tokyo. There are hundreds of ramen restaurants and food carts that sell ramen on the streets. While you can get a decent bowl of ramen for as low as ¥500 (US$4), it usually costs at least ¥700-800 (US$6). A good rule of thumb is to check the menu in front of the restaurant to see what kind of prices they are offering.

2) Okonomiyaki

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One food that is considered one of the best food in Tokyo is okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese pancake. These pancakes are filled with vegetables and meat to give it an extra flavor. The batter for this food can be made from either wheat flour, regular flour or even rice flour. It’s like a savory version of the crepe!

Okonomiyaki has become popular throughout Japan, but you will find this food most at festivals and fairs during summer time because it’s served hot off the grill. There are two main types to choose from: takoyaki (a ball-shaped cake) or an oblong shape called yakisoba (literally fried soba noodles). Both types come topped with mayonnaise, a sweet and tangy sauce as well as fish flakes.

There are several food stalls that serve okonomiyaki along with takoyaki and yakisoba in food courts at the train stations. You can also find small food carts selling these food items on busy streets.

3) Kushikatsu

This food is literally food on a stick and it’s delicious. It’s like eating food in a skewer, but the food is deep-fried and not grilled. There are many types of kushikatsu, including vegetables, chicken, pork and shrimp. The most popular type of kushikatsu is probably tonkatsu (pork). Tonkatsu comes with cabbage or shiso leaves to wrap around the food on the stick before dipping into sauce for an extra layer of flavor. Kushikushi can be eaten as an appetizer or part of a main dish with rice and other dishes such as tempura (battered fried seafood) or yakitori (skewered meat). A plate will usually include one or two sticks, and food can be ordered in multiples of two or four depending on the quantity you want.

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